High impact leadership teams that drive performance.

Our Executive Search service supports businesses who need to hire the best senior executives available “In the Market”. We are about finding the best person for a critical role – not delivering mediocre “On the Market” solutions or simply putting a bottom on a seat. Using Hoffmann Reed to lead your executive search means you get a result that you could not get elsewhere.

Like you, we are focused on hiring the best. Imagine a key executive in your business has just resigned or is underperforming and despite development they aren’t improving. The reality is you need to replace them quickly and efficiently with somebody who is going to take your business to the next level.

How will you do this?

Your HR department will probably suggest a) running an advert to find an external hire, b) speaking to recruitment agencies to see who they have on their books, or c) promoting an internal candidate.

Assuming you haven’t got an obvious internal candidate who can step up, the flaw in this approach is that you can only get an “On the Market” solution. In other words, a candidate who is actively seeking a new role via job adverts or a recruitment consultancy.

The issue is that you don’t want the best “On the Market” solution, you want the best “In the Market”: the executive who is excelling at a competitor firm – or maybe in a wholly different industry – who can take your business to the next level.

The reality is that the best person for the job may not be looking for a new job at all. But that does not mean they can’t be found, enthused, stimulated into action and be working for you in a short time.

How we add value

Our Executive Search solution concentrates on identifying and attracting your competitors’ top performers or talent from a complimentary transferable sector: those capable of making a significant impact in your business.

At any given time 20% of your workforce is excelling in their role. Imagine what would happen in your business if you could attract executives who drive and catalyse success, and are in the top 20% of performers in your competitors?

Our specialist consultants work with you to identify what your key needs are and what ‘great’ looks like. We will then conduct fresh research to produce critical intelligence on your competitors to identify the right executive for your business.