With twenty-five years of experience in Global Executive Search, Recruiting and Human Resources Management, Roland is driven by a passion for truly understanding what is needed to make organizations successful and prosperous. He believes in the art of finding the best match between talented individuals and companies that share core values such as leadership, diversity and respect.​

As a seasoned consultant, Roland approaches his work with a holistic perspective, anticipating successful interactions between talented people, organizations and company culture. ​
Roland Wadl is the founding member and co-owner of Qualitas Management Consulting, now Part of Hoffmann Reed. ​

Having successfully placed executives in more than thirty countries all over the world, from Europe to The Middle East, to Asia and the USA, Roland has developed a truly international mindset enabling him to quickly adapt to new cultures and use his multifaceted resources to guide clients through challenging processes. ​
This combined with an ability to listen to and understand a client’s needs, sometimes before they do, makes Roland a strong, empathetic and sought-after consultant. It is his advisory approach to assisting clients and candidates alike, which sets him apart. ​

Since 2017 Roland leads the global practice group for Industrial & Tech clients within the Hoffmann Reed Group.

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